Oct 31 2009

A Spell For Success Recipe In Honor Of This All Hallows’ Eve

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That was my wolf baying at the moon sound.

Tonight, I opted for a different sort of recipe to enchant you! Although all the ingredients are edible, we will not be ingesting any of this “dish!”

The “recipe” comes to you from a fun little book I had lying around called “The Supermarket Sorceress” by Lexa Rosean that includes 75 simple, charms and spells that you can concoct with ingredients from the Supermarket.

I tried one tonight that made my house smell delicious! It is called:

“The Spell for Success”

What You Need

  • Allspice
  • Basil
  • Bay leaves
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Nutmeg

Understanding the Components:

These herbs are are popular ingredients in incense formulas that are usually burned for success and money.
– Allspice is ruled by jupiter (the planet of luck and business expansions.)
– Bay leaves are said to attract money.
– Basil is most known for its use in love spells but for this purpose can tap into the drive and ambition attributes of Mars.
– Cinnamon is used modern day to love,healing, success and money spells. Its what you could call an “All purpose holy herb”
– Combining bay and cinnamon is said to attract fame.

What You Need To Do:
Fill a Pot with all these herbs, and then add Spring Water and simmer on the stove.
You have now incorporated all Four elements into your spell to manifest success on all four planes.
Fire-represents our desires and the actions that lead to our fulfillment
Water-symbolizes our emotional well being
Earth- stands for the physical maifestation of our desired end.
The herbs are the earth.
The stove the fire
The steam is the air
The spring water gives you the water element.
Let the wonderful aroma fill your home to attract positive successful vibrations! Not to mention a festive holiday feeling for when your trick or treaters or party guests arrive!

You can find a more in depth version of this spell along with 74 others in “The Supermarket Sorceress”

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

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