Oct 17 2011

Juicing Recipes Part 4: The Beautiful Pink Sunrise

Amidst the many juicing recipes I have explored, the one I return to the most often, in order to “break my fast” (though I am not really doing so) is perhaps the simplest. With only two fruits, I find the perfect antidote to the morning blues, boost my immune system, handle my digestion and feel a pep in my step.

Friends I present to you the Pink Sunrise:

What You Need

  • 1 Organic Pink Grapefruit
  • 1 Gala or Fuji Apple
  • What You Need To Do

    Wash both fruit. Core the apple, ensuring you remove all seeds as they contain traces of arsenic. Chop into quarters.

    Chop the grapefruit in half, sidelong. Carefully remove the peel, but keep as much of the white rind as possible.

    Put apple pieces in first, with grapefruit following, into the hopper.

    Enjoy your new coffee replacement!

    pink grapefruit

    Grapefruit has antibiotic properties, particularly in the rind, and the apple will give you your much needed morning energy boost via its high sugar content. Of course, if you are diabetic, you should proceed with caution.

    Please remember, these are just my opinions. You must consult with a medical professional before taking on any sort of diet if you have health concerns.

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